Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time Healing is an ancient Universal healing art. It gives us the possibility to work with a healing that is targeting the problem through time and space. A healing that is individually searching for the problem, finding the need, wherever that might be, inside or outside of the person, animal, plant or situation that you choose to heal. This healing can both heal, relax and affect, for example, the environment in a positive way, if that has had a negative influence on the client’s health or life.

The Universal white Time healing goes in and reaches the deepest vibration, on the physical plane, our atomic level. But it’s also working on the most subtle of the thoughts, emotions and dreams, creating the smartest ways of solving problems, inspiring new ideas and increasing positive experiences. So the healing can balance everything both physical and psychological, but even on the emotional plane. The philosophy behind Universal white time Healing says that the body is like a musical instrument that is supposed to create the finest of the vibrations, tones. But when the body is feeling sick, the instrument plays out of tune. Because universal White time healing goes so deep in, it can tune the body to the right tone again. Attuned for a healthy and happy life. This part and the experience of Universal white Time Healing is something that the healers themselves experience when working with the healing , their lives becomes more light and filled with harmony. Then the healing becomes a way of life and everyone working with it just loves the feeling of healing themselves and everything and everyone they know.

This healing art is completely different from other forms of healing, partly through its unique origin, but also through its ability to reach the deepest laying problems without limit for time. Because White Time means that you work simultaneously with all the time in one unite, past, present, and future flow together and it can also be said that it is also possible to work parallel to the Normal time. This is because White Time is its own unique Quality. White Time also means that all colors are present within the healing process and that is very positive for the body. The philosophy says that when the body doesn’t feel ok, its not only a lack of tones that is a problem but also lack of colors. Universal white Time healing is open for everyone, both young and old, and of any background or belief. Because the future and tomorrow is what is important, not what is left behind. A person doesn’t need to understand spirituality before, and you don’t need to seek something afterward. No one has to change because it is ok to be who you are. The only side effect we have with this healing is that most of the people who receive or work with universal White Time Healing become happier afterwards. The healing art is Universal and the healer who gives it does not only has received healing hands through the class teachings but does a more open and wider understanding of spirituality. Universal white Time Healing opens up the door. The question is ” Are you prepared to walk through that door?”


Level one class, which included how to perform: Contact healing, charka balancing, cleaning of auras, Distance healing for people and situations, and healing on animals, plants, weather and material things. Working with White time, which is all time in one and all colors in one. In this class Part one of the Golden Movement also is included. This class is thought in two days . please contact me taught e mail for farther information.

Level two class, which includes how to perform: Correcting of the leaking energies, total-balancing of the body, balancing with red color, Deep cleaning of stomach and lungs, advanced techniques of charka balancing , and advanced form of distance healing. You also learn how to work further with white Time energy, and how to use visualization techniques to create light tubes and walls of light for healing and cleansing the spaces. Part two of the golden Movement is also included in this teaching. This class is taught in two days.

The first level of the Higher school of the Universal White Time Healing knowledge, is about proficiency in working with the higher energies of the universe, signs of white time healing skills of aura interpretation and body scanning, and many more. the part three of the Golden Movement ia also included in this teaching. This class is taught in three days.

Step 2 in the Universal White Time Healing Higher school , includes working with more advanced spiritual healing. By this education, you are able to open yourself up to new and higher dimensions of your spirituality and , thereby, help others on the road to true Enlightenment. An Enlightenment filled with loving light and harmony. Also included in the education is the original part of the Golden Movement that makes it whole, like it was meant from the Beginning. This class is taught in five days.

As the Supreme Teacher and the Head Teacher for USA, I offer different classes.

If you are interested to become  a Teacher, to offer Universal White Healing  classes level, one ,two,three,or four ,or like to train teachers for level one or two, please contact me. To become An Assistant Head Teacher  level one, or level two please send your request and I will pass it on to Channie, If you are approved  , then you can take the class. For the new initiation you also need  to send your request and after approval, you get the initiation and the materials . Please contact me if you have any questions.

For more detail information about any of the classes please contact me
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