Gemstone and Mineral Healing

Everything in our universe is vibrating. Through sympathetic resonance, our frequency can be lifted by the strong vibrations of the stones. By placing stones that work harmoniously with each other on our bodies, we can affect the aura, the psychic and etheric bodies on a very deep and positive level.

If the energy bodies are out of balance, one may manifest this in the form of both physical and psychological imbalance: dis-ease. The gemstone layouts can correct and heal these imbalances, by adding the needed frequency. The different gemstone layouts offer us the possibility to heal on very deep and lasting levels and to open up to experience life with a much higher frequency. This in turn translates into joy, love, a positive outlook on life and development of the mind. The stones, in the right combinations, also assist the body and mind to ground spiritual growth and development so we can fully manifest our wonderful Divine bodies and purposes.

As the USA Head Teacher for the level 1 and Level 2, I can teach the teachers for these two levels.

The Practitioners  Classes:  Each class includes:

An Initiation that increases the students sensitivity to stones and opens their connection to the stone guides/ Masters.  A manual with layouts for the body , animals, buildings, land, etc. and recipes for “stone baths”, Elixirs and much more. Selecting the stones that work well together and building a healing kit.And techniques for cleaning and charging stones.

Level 1, is about how to use the stones and layouts for healing the body, the aura and for meditation. This class is two days.

Level 2, using different colors to bring that energy into the body and aura, also learning about different baths and much more. This class is also two days.

Level 3, Focuses on preparing us for the higher vibrations of the new Earth. The class is two days.

Level 4,is a very special class that not only goes through many different lay outs and beautiful experiences, including the ability to find your heart and soul stones, but this final initiation makes your connection to the Mineral kingdom so much stronger.

Teachers For Level 1,2 ,3, and 4

For information about the classes, please contact me through
or call me at 970 282 7955