I am sure that many had noticed that it has been many years since I have added new information to the site.

It is never too late to bring a true ray of hope and clarity into our hearts and ultimately into our every day lives.

Even though on the surface our lives seem so unsettled but this is the most divine and magical time in the history of humanity. How can you tap into this wondrous energy? and apply the simple techniques in your human life?

Be aware of everything around you but do not participate if it does not bring joy into your soul. It truly is as simple as that, but like any other spiritual practice you need to show discipline and stay center and balanced.

We all love to go to the beach and sit by the ocean. We look at the sea, enjoy the continuous motion of the waves, not having any expectation, if the head of a sea turtle pops up we enjoy, if the wave gets stronger we feel excitement . But we are there to observe and enjoy.

use the same mentality in your connection to the motion of Life, and see the change in your inner peace.

Even the sunsets by the sea are magical, remember that.

With love zari