As the weather changes and we are able to open doors and windows we feel more connected to our surrounding , we feel lighter and more free. Knowledge and correct information creates the similar frequency in our lives. In this day and age we all are so blessed to have access to many great Teachers that are willing to help us evolve and grow, I feel even more grateful to have the blessing of having the gift of working with Channie my beloved Teacher. through her we have access to many different gifts . Recently in the past few years I have been given the honor to become the Teacher for the Board of Knowledge classes. By taking these classes you will become the Giver of the divine light, an amazing position in life that helps you with your own story and allowing you to make a positive impact , in the lives of your loved ones. I hope many of you will find the desire in your hearts and souls to want to become a Giver, a Giver of hope, of joy, A giver of light and  wisdom . If so, remember that I am here to help you to embrace your true position in this  life story. Sending you all the divine blessings. zari