Board Of Knowledge

The Board of Knowledge comes from the very beginning of everything , it helps people to evolve, grow, and expand in their own perfect timing.
The Board of Knowledge supports everyone to reach total spiritual Enlightenment. It can never be used in a wrong way, it is safe. The Board of Knowledge is the highest step that one can take that will help them to open up to receive energy, and to remove blockages.
There exist five Boards of Knowledge, each Board has 36 signs.
Board one has more to do with the physical.
Board two stands for psychological/emotional  issues.
Board three works with the spiritual,and time and space, Board four the divine energy works with force of time. Board 5 the holly board connects all, and is the ultimate of precisely everything that exists.
Every time  a sign from any one of the boards is given, it helps the individual to grow towards what is best for them.

Board of Gem

When you become the giver for the Board of Gem, you can work with many different Gem stone layouts, create Board Water, open different energy portals, give upgrades and initiation, and to be able to give back to our beloved Mineral Kingdom new divine energy that makes them more magical.
Currently you can take the classes for Board of Gem level 1, and Board of Gem level 2

Board Of Angels

I have been given the gift of teaching our new class of Board of Angels. You do not need to have any back round in Boards of Knowledges or Universal White healing to be able to take the class, just purity of heart and real desire to better your own life and have a positive impact on the world around you. Through this training, you will have enough powerful and simple tools to work with anything, if it is simple every day life need or helping the whole country or an entire kingdom of animals or plants.
not only you can become the giver but you can go on with your education and you yourself to become a teacher to expand this amazing gift.
The solution to all our problems is to raise to human awareness and together with Channie’s Gaudiness and the Divine caring we will achieve this goal.
I will be more than happy to share this training with you all in person or through internet (Skype or Face time).

Angel Board Healing With The Stones

This class is taught as a complement to the Board Of Angles class, but also meant to be a separate class on its own, An Angelic Healing Class with Gemstones.

Absolute Board

As the Professure de Excellante, now I can do the training for the givers of this divine board.

The Absolute Board is the most interesting Second Reality Board there is, mostly because it is constantly growing and changing.

The Absolute Board in itself is carrying its own special powers and forces.

Sun Board

As the Professure de Excellante , now I can teach the givers of this board.

You can contact me for in person or online classes
If you are interested in having a long distance session, or Skype session, to receive signs , or upgrades from Board, 3, 4, 5, or Sun board,  Board of Gems ,or if you would like to buy board holy water from board 3, 4, or 5  or Sun board, or board of Gems,or board of angels, please contact me either through, or
phone at 970 282 7955