The Board Of Gems  Stone Healing  / Board Of Angels

Although our planet is going through a lot of challenges and many of us are wondering about the future , some amazing gifts have been provided for the ones that are open to receive . I am so grateful that the path of becoming a giver is more accessible to all the true seekers. If your heart and soul is guiding you toward this goal please contact me . Now the classes for all the five boards are available in person or through internet.

In addition to the Five boards of knowledge,now you can become the giver for the Board of Gems 1, and Board of Gem 2, and also the giver for Board of Angels.

You also can take the training to become the teacher for board of Angels.

Board Of Angels Stone Healing

This class is taught as a complement to the board of angels, but also as a separate class an angelic Healing class with Gemstones.This is a perfect choice for those students that are interested in minerals.You can now take the training to become a giver for the Gem Stone Healing with the Board Of Angels.

Now you can become a teacher for board the Board Of Angels Stone Healing.


Board Of Angels

This is a short explanation From Channie for the Board of Angels.

The Board of Knowledge and all of its signs represents everything , everyone , all that exists, come to exist and has been existed in time.
The board of Angels is included in the Board of Knowledge as a deeper explanation and essence of all the Divine Angel Beings from a higher origin, where all the other boards come from . through the connection, understanding and using the board of Angels you come in contact with this reality own Angels but the other Reality Divine angel beings too.. This connection will give you new possibilities unexpected solutions, good idea that we normally would not get in contact with.
The ones that take this class will work with something so much higher than we can ever understand. much higher than what we normally consider divine and Holy on Earth.There are many uses for the tools that you learn in this class , it allows the giver to be swept into the wonderful world on Angels. To be able to give from heart,to give out a holly embrace , to give to people, animals, and nature in all ways.
You do not need to take any other classes before taking this class, all you need is a pure heart and a strong desire to make a positive impact with love and beauty.
sending you all a divine angel hug.