The Beyond education will open your mind and heart, so you can embrace changes with ease. With true information the mind relaxes and with a relaxed mind the heart opens, and the soul and spirit awakens.
With the Beyond classes , we start to remember where home is? , why we are here?, who are we?, and where did it start from?.
There are different levels of the Beyond education, and like everything that is connected to the Universal White Time Healing , with each class you will receive the class material, and specific initiations that allows you to understand and retain the class information. With each class you spiritually  grow more , and connect more to what is the reality of who we are.

There are currently six different Beyond classes. They can be taken in person, or long distance.

Beyond Healing awakens something very special inside of you or the person receiving it.
When you become a giver for beyond healing, you will take a huge step into your complete and absolute existence, true understanding and pure enlightenment .
Unlike other Beyond classes you do not need to have taken other classes of the Beyond to be able to take this training.

If you are interested in taking these classes, please contact me through
zari@ or
phone 970 282 7955