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The month of June brings the joy of summer solstice , the first day of summer that has been celebrated by ancient culture for so may years , we celebrate the time of abundance , beauty,and magic of life. This year specially we want to celebrate the Mother Earth. Her beauty, and love and compassion.It is time to show her that her children are grown up enough to be able to take care of themselves, before she can finally relaxes and allows the final ascension to happen. But how can we convince her  of this reality? are we really wise enough to be on our own? As a parent, the only way that I can rest assure about my children safety is when I see that they are kind to each other and have each other’s back.So for me the answer is very simple. Stop fighting , and  judging , looking for faults.If we want to get our heart’s desire, we need to help others to get theirs first.So are we ready to give it a try? I know I am:). With blessing and divine light


  1. wportice says

    This is a great blog post, Thanks for the insite!

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