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It is very interesting that as we get closer to the end of this year, I feel that our guides and divine helpers are trying to makes us become more responsible for our own destiny. To me this is a sign of encouragement that we are trying and hopefully growing more and more. But at the same time it brings some sadness and may be fatigue for all of our bodies, I know that personally there are days that I wish I was just lifted up and carried effortlessly through my day:).The spiritual practice of last month was very intense , but this month we have a choice, if you look at number 8, it resemble infinity sign standing up, so we can relay on our self and to continue with our discipline rituals, and rise up , or we can allow despair and doubt fill our being and experience the downward spiral of lower part of number 8.Or we can use this time and truly become the Universal being that we all are and show faith and rideĀ  the energy of infinity, not separating ourselves.So we do have a choice, but I do hope that all of you dear souls will choose the one that gives you infinite peace.

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