Although as a microbiologist I was familiar with our complicated Physical bodies and the anatomy. when in 1994 I was introduced to the concept of energy and our Energy bodies , I was fascinated by all these new possibilities of creating balance and healing not just in our physical bodies but, mental, emotional , and spiritual.
My education in Jin Shin Jyutsu , Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology , and Healing Touch, was a journey of discovery.I never believed that on this plane we can have so many tools to be used for helping ourselves and each other.
As a Reiki Master I had the pleasure of training many great Teachers and Healers which together we created this amazing group of healers in our community.
Then in 2003 I found the Universal White Time Healing , which opened up even more ways of working with the flow of Energy. A realization that although we are here on this planet we can access the Universal Energies.
In 2007 for the first time Channie shared the gift of Board of Knowledge with us, and as a giver I felt so blessed to be connected to another Reality.
Now in 2018 not only I have the privilege of being the giver for the five boards , but to teach all five board classes and teach the teachers for Board 1 and 2.
How blessed are we that together we have raised the frequency of our planet to a level that allows us to bring in these magnificent higher energies.
As the Board of Gems and the amazing new way of working with the mineral kingdom was brought to our world, we were gifted with more opportunities to better our own lives and the life of our planet .
Many have questioned, why there are so many different levels in all of these educations?The answer is that there is a divine wisdom in how all of these levels are structured so we can get the best benefit as we open up and grow through the correct steps of spirituality.
And finally we have the Board of Angel education. Which any one without any previous back round can become a giver for this powerful energy modality, and even to become a Teacher.
Yes we all are blessed to have these possibilities in our lives to understand ,to grow , and to become more connected to each other and to the source.I have shared my experiences with you all so you too can search , find and appreciate yours ,to be able to see and follow the divine guidance in your lives.
I am so grateful to my Teacher and mentor Channie, for all the gifts that she has shared with me and the opportunities that I could in turn share them with all of you. Together we are making a difference, for ourselves, each other, and the future.

Channie West

Channie Centara Cha (Channie West)

is the Earth Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing. Because of her, we on Earth are now able access these wonderful tools. Channie teaches us about Universal ways and how to be a happy grateful human being. She truly is about beauty, love, and light. I knew that this path was the right one for me, when I saw how gracious and humble she is, her joy of life and sense of humor are the guideline of how to live. I truly feel blessed to have her in my life and to be her student.


As the Supreme Teacher of The Universal White Time Healing,and the Head Teacher for USA, I have the honor to be able to teach the Assistance Head Teachers, Ordinary Teachers and Level One through Four classes.


As the teacher for Beyond classes 1, 2, 3,4, 5, and beyond 6 , I can help you to create a stronger connection with more awareness to the source of life and creation.


By taking The board of knowledge classes you gain a different knowledge, and the most amazing tools to live a life of expansion. currently I am teaching Board of Knowledge classes for Board of Knowledge 1, 2, 3, 4 , and 5.

Teachers for Board of Knowledge 1,and 2.

As a High Teacher for Board Of Knowledge 1, and 2. I can train you to become a Teacher for Board of Knowledge 1, and 2. and to be able to have classes and to train givers.

Board of Gem

I am also offering classes for Board of Gem level 1, and board of Gem level 2.
These classes give you a new understanding for the Mineral Kingdom and their power and uniqueness.

You can become a giver for Board of Angels, or become a teacher for Board of angels and to train teachers.

I also can teach you to become a giver for the Gem stone Healing with the Board Of Angels.


If you are interested in the magic of Crystals, you can explore the Mineral Kingdom through taking Mineral Gem classes 1,2,3,and 4.

Teachers for Level 1, 2, 3,and 4.

As The Head Teacher for Level one, Level Two, Level Three , and Level Four for USA , I can train you to become A Teacher for all the above classes.

The Absolute Board

With the start of 2020 I had the joy of becoming the Teacher for The Absolute Board, and to be able to share this amazing gift with the dedicated givers.

Please contact me if I can help you to get to your desired next step.

The Total Sun Board

Being able to teach the total Sun Board is a true honor.