Zari Pirasteh - Supreme Teach of Universal White Time HealingUniversal White Healing is much more than a healing technique. It is truly a lifestyle that allows the individual to grow and to have an awareness about how everything is connected. The only way we can create and keep balance in ourselves is to support the balance and harmony in our planet and our Universe. I had already been practicing other energy modalities, such as Jin Sin Jyuts, Reflexology, Healing Touch, and as a Reiki Master had been teaching classes for nine years, when for the first time, I had the opportunity to learn the knowledge of Universal White Time Healing. The power and the ease of use of this technique is so unique. When using these frequencies, not only are you working with the immediate need, but the healing technique also takes care of past imbalances, so in the future we do not need to repeat the lessons. The healing will continue. By using the Universal White Time we access the qualities of all the colors of the spectrum, which allows a powerful healing lesson, which allows a powerful healing to happen.

Channie Centara Cha ( Channie West) is the Earth Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing. Because of her, we on Earth are now able access these wonderful tools. Channie teaches us about Universal ways and how to be a happy grateful human being. She truly is about beauty, love, and light. I knew that this path was the right one for me, when I saw how gracious and humble she is, her joy of life and sense of humor are the guideline of how to live. I truly feel blessed to have her in my life and to be her student.

What I really love about this modality is that after the level one class you are able to do hands on and distance healing on yourself, other human beings, animals, plants, minerals, and even situations without interfering with anyone’s lessons or creating karma. If you still want to expand your knowledge and spirituality to grow even more,you can continue your education by taking Level 2, Level 3 and, ultimately, Level 4. By then, you truly have achieved the goal of becoming a Universal Healer, with a vast knowledge and understanding of our Universe, and how we are all connected.

As a teacher of Universal White Time Healing, I have had the pleasure of passing on this gift to my students I am able to witness their amazing progress on their spiritual paths, and continue to grow personally.

If you have the desire to know more and to spiritually evolve more, then you can do the trainings to become a teacher, which again, has four different levels. As you progress through the classes, you too will realize that your understanding about the information and tools of each level becomes more profound. When, as a teacher, you do the different initiations for your students, the divine connection between you and the source becomes so strong that you realize this is not just a technique to use when you are in pain. This is my lifestyle. This is my belief.

If and when you choose to become an Assistance Head Teacher, to be able to train Teachers, your heart will be full of true unconditional love for all, because you know that the answer for ascension of our Planet is for everyone to have the chance to grow and to have balance. That is why weTeach to make it possible for all to learn, to know, and to use.

As the Supreme Teacher of The Universal White Time Healing, I have the honor to be able to teach the Assistance Head Teachers, Ordinary Teachers, and Level One through Four classes. As the teacher for Beyond classes 1, 2, 3,4, 5, and beyond 6 , I can help you to create a stronger connection with more awareness to the source of life and creation.

By taking The board of knowledge classes you gain a different knowledge, and the most amazing tools to live a life of expansion. currently I am teaching Board of Knowledge classes for Board of Knowledge 1, 2, 3, 4 , and 5. 

If you are interested in the magic of Crystals, you can explore the Mineral Kingdom through taking Mineral Gem classes 1,2,3,and 4.

I am also offering classes for Board Of Gems level one , and to become Givers for Board Of Angels or to become a Teacher for the Board Of Angels.

To  have a new understanding for the gems and mineral and their power and uniqueness The Board of Gems class will be the perfect match.Currently you can take Board of Gem level one, and Board of Gem level two.

Please contact me if I can help you to get to your desired next step.